Taking out the Trash

2012-12-04 11:38:49 by TriForce12

I got fed up of making constructive comments on work, and having the author throw a bitchfit at me because their work "is much better than mine all you made is a shitty tween videos and demo and... etc etc".

Just because I cannot play violin doesn't mean I cannot enjoy, appreciate and criticise classical.
Just because I cannot program doesn't mean I can't say a game is terrible, or amazing.
Just because I cannot draw doesn't mean I cannot enjoy the nuances of a good work of art.

I've made some shit. And that has helped me grow as a person.
A wise man once said, the way to success is paved with faecal matter.
Or something like that.

So yeah, as of today, my least favourite, most stupid, and most shitty animations have been eviscerated from my profile, so those who cannot take constructive criticism don't throw a bitchfit at me.



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2012-12-04 15:16:25

Those people who criticize you are wanting of good ratings. Those fools, they would find an excuse even if you did fit their qualifications.

TriForce12 responds:

We've all been there. I used to be a bitchy fuck to this guy called Shmossy and then a few years later I realised...

"Wow, I've been a giant faggot to that guy, and all he was doing was posting his opinion. I'm a retard"

So, all those years later, I get in touch with him to apologise for being a dumb-as-bricks tweenager all those years ago, and he was totally cool about it, water-under-the-bridge etc etc.

Good times.


2012-12-04 16:46:54

I know the feel, bro.


2012-12-06 08:34:49

You would not know constructive criticism if it sat on you!

TriForce12 responds:

I know it well enough to know that your post wasn't constructive.